Barbecue Cooking Class #1

Barbecue Cooking Class #1 for all experience levels, all types of bbq equipment

BBQ Cooking Classes are a great way to enjoy an escape from your week for a few hours and Up your Grill Game during the Off -Season!

Whether you want to take your “Expert BBQ skills” to the next level;  just want figure out how to turn out an edible meal, or somewhere in the middle, you do not want to miss Barbecuing Class #1 on Thursday Jan. 23rd -OR- Sunday Jan. 26th 2020 put on by Award Winning PitMaster “Smokin Steve” Bayles. Executive Chef Bayles will be teaching techniques and know-how for creating moist flavorful grilled, and smoked foods as well as understanding concepts and knowledge for decision making while aiming to achieve superior barbecue results.

Students will learn:

  • Proven methods to produce superior results when barbecuing and grilling
  • The basics of fires, woods (including pellets) and heat control
  • Understanding seasonings by taste
  • How to create their own dry rub recipe, make the rub and take it home
  • Game plan for cooking at your next party.
  • Prepping Amazing Barbecue Chicken; grilling and smoking techniques, finishing with sauce and presentation.
  • St. Louis Pork Ribs- how and why superior to baby backs; prepping with a binder; to wrap or not to wrap;  Simple, easy method to success.  Finishing and presenting.
  • Recipes you can use at home.

Understanding seasonings can not be accomplished without tasting several barbecued meats and there will be lots of opportunities to do that!

Tasting of barbecued meats required!

Tasting chicken, brisket, ribs, pork and tri-tip, will be required of attendees of the Smokin Steve’s BBQ Cooking Classes.  Free Beverages will be provided to students in attendance, including Beer, Wine, coffee, sodas and sparkling water.

At Smokin Steve’s Pit BBQ our goal is to give a valuable experience to all guests in attendance, and that goes for our bbq cooking classes as well as events!  With our Satisfaction Guarantee, sign up for Class #1 knowing you have nothing to loose and Everything to Gain!

Classes #2 and #3 will be taking place in February and March.  Get a discount when you sign up for more than 1 class per student.

Peace, Love & BBQ,