Who’s Cooking this year?

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Holiday Catering Solutions


When fall arrives, football starts and pumpkin flavors begin to appear. We begin to daydream about the most delicious holiday of the year: Thanksgiving!  

Make it easy this year

Whether you plan to cook an entire feast for your family and friends, or enjoying someone else’s cooking, Smokin Steve’s Catering can help out.  Your time is valuable and your days off are few, so Relax and Enjoy your own Party!!!  

Available for small dinner parties of 8-12 or our buffet for 12 -1200 guests.

Order your delicious Smoked Turkey Dinner today

Our moist flavorful turkeys have become a tradition with many of our customers.  I enjoy seeing the same faces year after year!  It makes my holiday special to be a part of so many celebrations.  Enjoy your holiday!  Pick-up a delicious smoked turkey dinner from Smokin Steve’s Catering during November & December.  A real time saver, stress free, AND it will impress the most critical people in your life!  

Conveniently located 1 block from the 118 freeway.  And, we will be open Thanksgiving morning 10am-1pm for easy pick-up.

Order yours by November 21st 2019.  Call today 805-520-0601  or  Fill out contact form for email

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During November and December, we are featuring our Turkey Dinner Package.  It feeds 8-12 people and includes…

Order yours by November 21st 2019.  Call today 805-520-0601  or  Fill out contact form for email

Just need Sides?  Just the Turkey?  You got it, we can help! 

All of our delicious sides come in pan sizes for 12 (1/4 pan), 20 (1/2 pan), or 45 guests (full size pan).

During the holidays, our full BBQ menu is still available.  Nothing says happy holidays like a Rack of Ribs or our Smoked Sausage!

Whether you are having a traditional holiday dinner, or just a Harvest get together with coworkers, let Smokin Steve’s Pit BBQ Catering take out the work and leave you with more time to spend with your family, loved ones and guests!

Call us today at 805-520-0601 or go online to www.smokinsteves.com for easy online ordering.  Need help ordering online?  Go here.

Smokin Steve’s Pit BBQ Catering


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Smokin’ Steve’s Pit BBQ Catering, 14711 Princeton Ave STE 14, Moorpark, CA 93021

January & February Party Specials – Game day or anyday

Small Gatherings

So you miss the BBQ Joint ?

As the Pro Football season comes to a pinnacle, BBQ Catering from Smokin Steve’s Catering is your Championship answer for “what should we serve?” People always tell me they miss the BBQ Joint I had from 2009-2014, so here’s your excuse to “Get you some Smokin Steve’s”! When the best football of the season is being broadcast on your screen, you don’t want to miss a play, so leave the cooking to the pros. Catering for groups of 10 or more, Our new “S. bowl of BBQ menu” works well for small gatherings. Available now, you don’t have to wait until February to try it out. Order for office party catering the week of the game, or a family get together. Don’t have 10 people, no worry, you’ll just have to enjoy Smokin Steve’s for 2 days, instead of one. Lucky you!

A-Bombs, Bacon wrapped Jalapenos, stuffed with meat and cheese

be the MVP of the party

Starting today, you can order the new Smokin Steve’s football playoff specials. Game Day Catering has never tasted this good. Catering with several new items on the menu, you are sure to impress your most critical of guests (in-laws!?). BBQ Sliders on Hawaiian Rolls are Extra Points for sure. They come in your choice of: Chopped Brisket, Smoked Shoulder, and Award Winning Chicken. The new handy 9 pack of sliders is a great snack to add to any of the appetizer packages, and that’s not all. The Atomic Bombs are an item you will not find anywhere else. Our Chefs take a whole Jalapeno, hollow it, stuff it with a mixture of barbecued meat, cheese, onion & raspberry chipotle bbq sauce. Next, they wrap it with bacon. Why? Are you really asking why?! Because we are American and It’s bacon. That’s all the reason anyone needs.

Whole Smoked, Voodoo Rubbed, Pork Butts on Sale now $69
Whole Smoked, Voodoo Rubbed, Pork Butts on Sale now $69

We’re the only ones in town selling whole Butts

Whole Boston Butts are now available! YES, you did hear correctly. Smokin Steve’s Catering is now selling uncut, Hot and Ready to serve Boston Butts, finished in one of our barbecue sauces. Serves 8-12 fans . Special price of $69 thru Feb 28th.

Our BBQ Sauces…

The classic Kansas City style, Sweet & Bold. Our Raspberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce with just the right amount of spicy. Our Mustard BBQ which has a little honey, and balanced to go with your favorite barbecue meat, or the other one. That’s our Cranberry Goodness BBQ sauce. All sauces are also available ala carte , along with our Vinegar BBQ and Creamed Horseradish. The last two can not be glaze on the butt, but they can be served on the side. When we make our Pulled Pork at Smokin Steve’s in Moorpark, we add our Vinegar BBQ sauce and a generous sprinkling of our Voodoo Rub. It’s all about layers of flavor, and my pitmaster crew has their layering down to a science. Get your Whole Boston Butt (smoked in the J&R BBQ Pit for 12 hours) for $69. Serves 6-14. Great on your favorite bread or rolls, or pick up the Hawaiian rolls from us at the same time. Don’t forget to get some BBQ Sauce to go with it.

The Ultimate Tailgate Party for Home or Stadium

The Ultimate BBQ Catering for your Championship football game is our “LIVE BBQ Experience”. One of our Pitmasters, our Pitts & Spitts Texas made trailer Smoker, our mobile kitchen and everything needed to cook the Ultimate BBQ meal for you and your guests can be reserved with a $500 deposit. Subject to availability, don’t wait too long, this date will sell out! Call today 805-520-0601

On-Site BBQ Grilling & Smoker for your Super Duper Party!
On-Site BBQ Grilling & Smoker for your Super Duper Party!

At Smokin Steve’s Catering Barbecue is made with respect, patience, and care. We use the same high level of care and respect as we would if we were preparing it for our own family and friends. Barbecue is a celebration of Fire, Spice and Meat coming together! It should not be ordinary. Barbecue Catering should be Extraordinary. That’s why at Smokin Steve’s we say “Life is too short for good BBQ”!!

The Superb owl of BBQ Menu

Available now through February 3rd

Party Pack #1 “The MVP” Serves 10-15 Fans  $129

  • Chicken & Tri-tip Chili
  • OutRageous! BBQ Nachos
  • “Shoulder Bacon” Mac n’ Cheese
  • Bacon Wrapped A-Bombs

Party Pack #2 “Most Pts Scored!” Serves 12-18 Fans  $129

  • Palm Sandwiches, 15ct(Brisket, Shoulder, or Chicken)
  • Fresh hand made Tortilla Chips & Artichoke Jalapeno Dip
  • “Med. Hot” Links Smoked Sausage Bites
  • Fruit Salad or Veggies n’ Dip or choice* of Side Dish.
  • *SIDE DISH CHOICES…..BBQ Ranch Beans • Zesty Slaw(VG,GF) • Perfect Potato Salad(G) • Baked Mac n’ Cheese(V) • Caesar Salad . Mixed Green Salad(V,GF) • Baby Greens Salad**(VG,GF) • Chef’s Grilled Veggies(V,GF)** **Premium item add $0.45-$0.90 pp

Slow Smoked BBQ’d Meats ala carte

  • Whole Pork Butt – Big, Tender & Juicy $69
  • St. Louis Ribs, Competition Style, 3 rack pack (~36 bones) $69
  • Brisket Burnt Ends 2 lb min. $19/lb
  • Award Winning, Kick Ass! BBQ Chicken 22 pc.(bone in) $29
  • “Med. Hot” Link Sausage 3 lbs for $39
  • Chicken & Tri-tip Chili, …Large Pan $80…… 1/2 pan for $40
  • Boneless BBQ Chicken, sliced, 1/2 Pan $89
  • “Med. Hot” Link Sausage 3 lbs for $39 Chicken & Tri-tip Chili, Large Pan $80 1/2 pan for $40

Extra Points…..

  • BBQ Sliders on Hawaiian Bread, 9pk (Brisket, Shoulder, or Chicken) $24
  • Wicked Chocolate Brownies 15pk $24
  • Assorted Fresh Baked Cookies 24pk $24
  • Raspberry Chipotle BBQ sauce Qt. $15
  • Birds & Bones BBQ Dry Rub 16oz $24
  • Bacon Wrapped A-Bombs $35/doz.
  • “Shoulder Bacon” Mac n’ Cheese $39/half pan
  • OutRageous! BBQ Nachos $49/full pan (Chips, Nacho Cheese, BBQ Shoulder, Jalapeños, BBQ sauce, Sour cream – Assemble at Party)

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