Who’s Cooking this year?

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Holiday Catering Solutions


When fall arrives, football starts and pumpkin flavors begin to appear. We begin to daydream about the most delicious holiday of the year: Thanksgiving!  

Make it easy this year

Whether you plan to cook an entire feast for your family and friends, or enjoying someone else’s cooking, Smokin Steve’s Catering can help out.  Your time is valuable and your days off are few, so Relax and Enjoy your own Party!!!  

Available for small dinner parties of 8-12 or our buffet for 12 -1200 guests.

Order your delicious Smoked Turkey Dinner today

Our moist flavorful turkeys have become a tradition with many of our customers.  I enjoy seeing the same faces year after year!  It makes my holiday special to be a part of so many celebrations.  Enjoy your holiday!  Pick-up a delicious smoked turkey dinner from Smokin Steve’s Catering during November & December.  A real time saver, stress free, AND it will impress the most critical people in your life!  

Conveniently located 1 block from the 118 freeway.  And, we will be open Thanksgiving morning 10am-1pm for easy pick-up.

Order yours by November 21st 2019.  Call today 805-520-0601  or  Fill out contact form for email

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During November and December, we are featuring our Turkey Dinner Package.  It feeds 8-12 people and includes…

Order yours by November 21st 2019.  Call today 805-520-0601  or  Fill out contact form for email

Just need Sides?  Just the Turkey?  You got it, we can help! 

All of our delicious sides come in pan sizes for 12 (1/4 pan), 20 (1/2 pan), or 45 guests (full size pan).

During the holidays, our full BBQ menu is still available.  Nothing says happy holidays like a Rack of Ribs or our Smoked Sausage!

Whether you are having a traditional holiday dinner, or just a Harvest get together with coworkers, let Smokin Steve’s Pit BBQ Catering take out the work and leave you with more time to spend with your family, loved ones and guests!

Call us today at 805-520-0601 or go online to www.smokinsteves.com for easy online ordering.  Need help ordering online?  Go here.

Smokin Steve’s Pit BBQ Catering


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Smokin’ Steve’s Pit BBQ Catering, 14711 Princeton Ave STE 14, Moorpark, CA 93021

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“Meat” Smokin Steve’s Catering  

A Newsletter to help you get to know more about who we are and what we do!    

Questions from our Fans….

  • “Do you have a Free Standing Restaurant or a place where I can go and get your Barbecue?” We have a Free Standing Catering Biz! Pick-up orders start at $75 and need to be placed 48 hours ahead min.. Right off the 118 and 23 Fwys. Delivery min. $250 (lower M-F lunch). Free local delivery.
  • “What makes your LIVE Barbeque Experience unique?” We are the only ones in the county who comes to your event with our Pitts & Spitts Texas style smoker barbecue, our Real BBQ PitMasters, and cook meats like our Tri-tip and Chicken right there in front of you and your guests! Salads are made fresh on the spot (we don’t use your kitchen). Safe, Sanitary, Licensed & Insured. Rest assured. You can Relax and Enjoy your own Party!
  • “I like your barbecue sauce, do you have more than one flavor?” Yes we do. We currently have 5 BBQ sauces: Sweet & Bold (classic KC Style), Vinegar BBQ
    ( for Smoked Shoulder), Raspberry Chipotle (delicious w/ spicy tail), Mustard BBQ (honey mustard, but not too sweet), Cranberry Goodness (delicious but no spice). Don’t forget the Creamed Horseradish, it’s not a BBQ sauce, but it is missed when it’s not part of the buffet!
  • “Can I pick up my order a day before my party and heat it myself the next day?” Yes! We have many customers who have found event catering with our “Heat & Serve” option works well for their schedule (it will be our secret). You can take all the credit for it!! Call the catering office for more information 805.520.0601

Catering for 2019!

January marks the beginning of a new year; one that we hope will be filled with opportunity, success, and Happy Celebrations. Call us or email us for your easiest solutions to serve events such as:

“Creating great events with amazing food and dedicated people is what we love to do!” Steve Bayles owner

From Smithsonianmag.com       Did you know….. that the first indigenous tribes that Christopher Columbus encountered on the island he named Hispaniola; had developed a unique method for cooking meat. They cooked it over an indirect flame, created by using green wood to keep the food (and wood) from burning. Reports indicate that the Spanish referred to this new style of cooking as barbacoa: the original barbecue. (That’s the slow cooked on low temperature mentioned above, and used in our Kitchen today).  Learn more at https://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-culture/the-evolution-of-american-barbecue-13770775/

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